• Let Craig Seldin’s Law Expertise Help You

    Let Craig Seldin’s Law Expertise Help You

    Craig Seldin is an attorney of law based inHouston,Texas. Well-regarded for his competence and consistency in the field, Craig serves with area with astute excellence. With his aggressive legal approach and kind-hearted spirit, Craig is the epitome of what an attorney’s clients need. Despite his stellar reputation as an attorney, Craig did not set out […]

  • Craig Seldin Provides Texas-Based Law Help

    Craig Seldin Provides Texas-Based Law Help

    When given a difficult case, attorney Craig Seldin knows just what to do. Based inHouston,Texas, Craig has served as a legal representative for decades. With an extensive knowledge of legal processes and information, he is an invaluable attorney in theHoustonarea. Craig is known for his strong work ethic. This dedication to his work began in […]

  • Craig Seldin: Expertise through Social Interest

    Craig Seldin: Expertise through Social Interest

    Throughout the course of history, society has determined the way we form our laws. We can easily see how society affects law by comparing contemporary American law with that of another country. As part of the democratic process, we are able to vote on amendments and influence laws based on our own societal beliefs.

  • Craig Seldin Helps You Win Employment Law

    Craig Seldin Helps You Win Employment Law

    Employers and employees are protected by a variety of federal and state laws. The Law Offices of Craig Seldin welcomes either party for legal consultation regarding an employment issue. Seldin has a successful track-record when it comes to representing these types of clients. If you are facing employer/employment troubles, you may find yourself experiencing one of these common issues

  • Craig Seldin Knows Immigration Law

    Craig Seldin Knows Immigration Law

    Over the last several years, immigration has become a hot topic in American society. The subject is even more prevalent in states that are easily accessed by illegal immigrants, such as Texas and California. As a Houston attorney, Craig Seldin is familiar with the concepts of immigration law and is prepared to assist on matters relating to the subject.


Craig Seldin

Craig Seldin is an accomplished attorney who has traveled and worked in many areas of the country. He was born in Texas and was raised under the values of the state. Although a true Texan, Seldin has traveled to Illinois where he gained an education at Northwestern University and spent time in California at UC Berkeley.

A True Texan

Knowing Texas was his home, Seldin returned to the state to pursue his dreams of becoming a lawyer. He attended the law school at University of Texas at Austin in the 1970s and has since continued to grow as a professional. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas and belongs to referral services in the area.

Today, Seldin represents Texans in legal matters at his Houston-located law offices. His regard for the community has earned him awards and respect from the Texas community.

A Unique Approach

Many clients have experienced successful results under his legal representation and unique approach. Whenever you seek an attorney, it’s important trust a person with a solid background. After all, they most likely are handling matters that could change the course of your life.

Unfortunately, many attorneys see dollar signs when they take on clients and sacrifice the support and attention a client deserves. However, if you choose Craig Seldin to act as your attorney, you will realize that his course of action involves genuine concern and focus on your needs. Here are some key components you may experience under his legal representation:

  • Thorough Assessment – Craig has represented clients in numerous areas of law and that experience allows him to know what your case involves. His legal advice is top-notch and will not deprive you of the justice you deserve. If he decides your case is acceptable for representation, he will make sure he has all the essential details to form an aggressive action plan.
  • Fast Action – Craig realizes that many attorneys can take advantage of legal situations. Many times a case is drawn out, and law offices spend a lot of unnecessary time researching your legal situation – a process known as “discovery.” Craig utilizes vast databases and relevant information to form your case, but will not waste your time or money.
  • Client Involvement – Craig knows that legal situations are not his alone and that they matter to the client. Just as you wouldn’t want a surgeon operating on you without supplying information, you wouldn’t want an attorney ignoring your concerns. He is known for his practice of direct communication and responding to calls personally in a timely manner. He informs his clients of all their options and other legal implications. This way so that they can make the decisions they want.
  • Dedication – Craig is prepared to see your case through to the very end. Often-times he is able to achieve satisfying results through mediation and negotiation between parties, but knows that it is not always a sure thing. He is confident in taking your case to trial if needed.
  • Integrity – Although Craig Seldin’s legal approach is aggressive, he remains sensitive to your needs, especially in cases concerning family law or personal injury. He offers sincere advice based on mistakes he has witnessed in the court system. He is not one of those attorneys who will sacrifice a client’s needs for their own benefit.
  • Respect for Justice – Craig has spent the last few decades witnessing the growth and changes of the legal system. His experience respects the rights people are entitled to the law, and will not compromise an individual’s rights during his representation. This respect is particularly important in situations where he acts as a criminal defender; while a client is potentially guilty, he will make sure that the sentence is justified.

These values, as well as his impressive outcomes, earned Seldin the 2011 WOW Award for Outstanding Attorney in the state of Texas.

Craig Seldin Tackles a Wide Variety of Practice Areas

As noted before, Seldin is very experienced with federal and state laws. Although he initially served as a criminal defense attorney, he now represents many different cases with solid expertise. His flexible representation affords clients even stronger representation, since many practice areas overlap in their concepts and approaches. Simply put, more practice areas means a wider source of legal knowledge.

In addition to his expertise in family law and medical malpractice, Craig Seldin offers a long list of other practice areas. Here are a few of them and what situations they can apply to:

  • Deceptive Trade Practice Litigation

If you believe a company has provided faulty information or not met the claims of their service, Seldin can help. He also is very familiar with the Texas Lemon Law and is prepared to approach car dealerships if you have claims involving a vehicle purchase.

  • Personal Injury

If you have experienced an automobile accident, there’s a chance you experienced a severe injury or in some cases, death. Usually, these damages are covered by one’s insurance policy, but getting the right amount of funds is difficult. Seldin knows how to negotiate with claims adjusters to reach a settlement you deserve.

  • Contract LawContractual agreements are complicated areas of the law that often requires one to go over them with a fine-tooth comb. Craig is aware of the rules and regulations that are necessary to form a binding contract. Sometimes contracts are void and unenforceable due to certain issues of legality. Other-times a client may have to enforce another party’s obligations through due process. No matter what side of the issue you are on, The Law Offices of Craig Seldin can help.

Further Information

The Law Offices of Craig Seldin, PLLC are conveniently located at the Central Houston Galleria with easy-access parking. Craig Seldin makes his services available during normal business hours Monday through Friday. To better serve your needs, attorney Craig Seldin suggests all interested parties collect as much information as they can before you approach him with your case.